The WinMill Project is the redevelopment of NH's oldest paper mill, a thriving business that was closed when it was flooded by negligence by a neighboring hydroelectric plant.

A multimillion dollar settlement has transformed the mill into an environmentally clean 25 acre post-industrial complex, located on the Ashuelot River, in Winchester, New Hampshire.

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The buildings, certified free of industrial contaminants, are 75,000 square feet of buildable space. The location, within feet of the Ashuelot River, is one of the few places in New England to have Class III and IV white water.

The community has issued permits for rebuilding and the Winchester Redevelopment Commission has endorsed the project with a letter of support.

The project is eligible for several types of special funding, and has been authorized to issue tax deferred development bonds.

Development plans are a multiplatform mix of integrated projects that have been designed to bring jobs and economic activity to the community.

The WINMILL School for Hospitality will house and train post high school students for work in the hospitality and personal service industry.

The WINMILL American Grill will be a restaurant on site staffed by students with professional guidance.

WINMILL Concierge Services will provide logistic support for short and long term residents, primarily for medical conditions.

The WINMILL Performance Space will welcome community events, with catering and staffing services provided by the onsite school which will manage the events, from outside riverside festivals to art installations and performances from concerts to cabarets.

WINMILL Residences will provide designer apartments within the complex with river views and world class amenities

WINMILL Waters will provide spa services to guests to the complex, along with exercise and other health related wellness programs, with Spa cuisine.

Historic photos of the mill and images of future services provided by the WINMILL team are available, along with video and audio of the reconstruction.

The WINMILL Project is the subject of an ongoing documentary By Tom Adams of Reellife Productions